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Emma runs her business with a brand new, dynamic company called Nutonic. With products in the health and wellness industry, she is well qualified to help you with these products or the business opportunity. Here is more about Emma:

Hello and welcome

Emma Louise Astle - The MLM MumMy name is Emma and I’m the MLM Mum. I am a busy married mum of 4 lovely children. My Background Trade is in the Health & Beauty, Holistic & Hairdressing Industry.

After having my 3rd child I longed to cut my hours down, which also included weekends & find a way to work from home. I have recently had my 4th child and will not be returning to work outside the home because I want to spend time with my family, raising my children.

Time is so precious and I am making the most of it, but I had to create an income somehow and that is when I discovered network marketing, and began creating an income online.

In this climate of change, more and more people are choosing to make money online. In fact, sadly, a lot of people are losing their jobs, or are unable to return to work and are working from home. That is where network marketing can become a lifeline for so many people, enabling them to become financially independent and make a full time income and more!

I have joined a few different opportunities. This has lead to finding my passions within my current businesses. I have encountered many pitfalls along the way, and my main aim is to stop that happening to you.

As the MLM mum, my main area of focus has been devoted to Health & Wellness Companies, therefore most of my investment portfolio is in this type of business. I have also invested highly in training and coaches who have helped me be more professional in my approach to business.

I am able to inspire and teach new or struggling marketers to “up their game” in order to become successful in the online space.

I believe multiple streams of income is the best way to achieve financial freedom and I will introduce you to the online businesses which have been consistently delivering the best results in the online space.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Nutonic after going through my page, or anything else I can help with, please contact me using the email form below, by phone on 07444 529291, or contact me on Facebook.

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You will see information about Nutonic below. If you love high quality products, you will love their products. That is one reason why I work with them.

Read through the information and see if they are a good fit for you and then contact me.

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About Nutonic:

The MLM Mum’s recommendation for a new business is Nutonic.

Here is a little about the company:

Nutonic is a network marketing company recently launched in 2021. The primary goal is to provide you the opportunity to work from home to make an income and enjoy your life.

They work with network marketing, otherwise known as an MLM (multi-level marketing). This means the dedicated home business owners are also the sales force, not just us.

With Nutonic you don’t need expensive advertising like TV commercials or billboards. Instead you can share Nutonic products with others in your community!

The network structure offers many benefits that a traditional business can’t match. As an independent business owner, you have the flexibility to work as much or as little as needed.

You get paid for your sales and building a team. There are no expensive upfront costs and all commissions go straight into your pocket! You will get everything you need to promote your business.

For some people, life is about making money so they can live. They wake up each morning and go to work and make enough for their basic needs.

Others will work to live. They work their business hard at first to build things up. They do this to have the time and financial independence that allows them enjoy life outside of work.


Which of those is you? Nutonic is a company that believes in providing hardworking individuals with the freedom and time to enjoy life. They concentrate on tapping into your potential, giving you more opportunity for success.

Nutonic Corp provides those who work hard enough an avenue for achieving their goals. Whether it’s through financial stability, or enjoying greater life freedom. Nutonic understands what many people want. They deserve the chance to know how much better things can be when they can achieve great things.

As a Nutonic Corp Independent Sales Representative, you are able to enjoy more time with family and friends. You can work flexible hours from home or anywhere you choose. They help people live better lives. They also provide all the tools necessary for their financial success!

You get access to all the cutting edge products while being able to eventually spend less time at your job. This is because the opportunity could give you the chance to make what your worth. This also means you can spend more quality time with your loved ones.

Financial independence, freedom of time, and complete control over how you spend each day of your life. These are goals that can be achieved through Nutonic Corp’s business opportunity.

Whether you want to earn a little extra income or build a career in the comfort of your home. Nutonic has what it takes for you to succeed as a home based entrepreneur.

Nutonic Corp is dedicated to helping you succeed. With world class products and services, training programs and corporate team support, you’ll have all you need.

Find out more about this exciting opportunity by contacting me today.

Fill in the form below, call me on 07444 529291, or contact me on Facebook. 

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Or you can click here to read more on the company website and join me.

I will be in touch soon. Thank you.

nutonic products

The Products

Nutonic work hard to create products that are safe for family, health and the environment. They strive to make sure you get a product that works well too.
They offer an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee on each sale. This is because they know once you try it out, you’ll love what they stand for: safety in all facets of life.

All the products have been 3rd party laboratory tested. They’re not only good quality but compliant with Certificates of Analysis as well!

The manufacturing facility is registered under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). It’s located in USA and follow FDA regulations to ensure high standards.
Nutonic is the #1 brand spoken about in Networking. The products have been through strict Quality Control and Compliant with International regulations.

These include:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom and
  • European Union

If you’re interested in Nutonic, this is your chance to find out more. They are open to feedback from customers on products and add their own ideas for future items.

The Product Lines are:

See the website you will get here as a new business owner.

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Please watch the videos to get more insight into Nutonic...

Nutonic Health and Wellness

If you are interested in Nutonic and want to find out more, please contact me using the form below, calling me on 07444 529291, or contact me on Facebook. If you want to join directly, please click this link and sign up. I will be in touch with you soon.

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