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Work From Home Utilities Business

Mark O’Keeffe – Work From Home Utilities Business

Mark has a work from home utilities business. He works with people to help them save money on all their household utilities. These include Gas and Electricity, Home phone and broadband and Mobile Phone services. He can also help with saving money on home insurance too.

If you are interested in finding out more, please read his story below, or you can contact him directly by calling 07368 886825, emailing using the form down the page or you can contact him on Facebook.

Hello and Welcome

Mark O'Keeffe WFH Utilities businessMy name is Mark. I’m a busy dad of seven and live close to the beautiful South Downs. My background is in the utility industry and in particular debt resolution.

Things have changed since the start of the pandemic and lockdowns. I’ve noticed the number of people falling into debt has risen a lot. And my workload has increased exponentially. This started to have a negative impact on my home life.

I was working long hours – including early mornings, late nights and weekends. I had no time for anyone else, let alone any time to pursue my interests. I want to have more flexibility in my life. This means being able to spend time with my family without the phone ringing or getting up at 5am to catch up with work.

Time is a very precious commodity. There is no turning the clock back. We have to find a way to make the best of everyday and to move closer to our goals and dreams.

Even though I was very busy with work I decided to put my all into building up my network marketing business. I see the struggles people have every day of my working life. I wanted to find an opportunity where prospects can save money without having to run a business too.

If they want to join me in this opportunity, they can make a good income, both upfront and on a residual basis. Network marketing for me ticks all the boxes. If someone is prepared to put in the effort, they can become financially independent with a full time income very quickly.

When looking around at the various opportunities on the market, I went for the one I know the most about. I know about utilities. But also, it is a market dominated by several massive companies who are not known for their customer service.

I wanted to partner with a business with excellent customer service. That offers services that people need and are already using, but at better prices. Another vital thing is they must treat everyone fairly – customers and partners alike.

Because of the current climate, I was looking for something where cost was not a barrier to entry. Also, I want that investment to be reimbursed in a short time. I wanted an opportunity where the training is not only free but is excellent. Where there is inter-team support and great examples of the rewards one can get for putting in consistent effort.

I am respectful of people’s goals. I want to work with all kinds of people. Whether they want to earn a few hundred pounds a month to allow them to afford a holiday or some extras, or achieve financial freedom. This for me is the point where residual income exceeds the amount of money you need to pay bills each month.

If you would like to join me then please contact me using the contact form provided, by calling me on 07368 886825 or contact me on Facebook.

message me on FAcebook

If you think you would benefit, either as a customer or as a partner, please contact me.

Did you know that the energy industry is strictly regulated in the UK? This means I can’t share too much information on this webpage. There are many benefits though.

As someone looking to start a new business, you know the importance of research. You are on this page because you’re interested in the opportunity of working in a Utilities business. It’s important to know what opportunities there might be out there in that sector.

The people already working with me understand how we are governed by these strict regulations. If you are interested in finding out more, please fill in the form below, call me on 07368 886825 or contact me on Facebook

work from home utilities business

Why A Work From Home Utilities Business?

The cost of living is constantly rising and it’s not easy to keep up with the bills. You will be able to save money on your utility bills. You will also be able to help others save in the same way.

The company I work with make it simple for me to save money and keep records straight. This is because I have only ONE bill for my main utility bills. My Electricity and Gas, Home phone and broadband and mobile phones are on the same bill. Everything is itemised as standard, so you don’t need to ask for an itemised bill.

There is only ONE direct debit payment and the more services I take out, the more money I can save. There are other ways for me to save money on my utility bills too. These are ways to get cashback on things I spend my money on regularly.

I can help put together a plan based around each person’s individual needs. People will love it when you make their life easier and save them money in the process!

If you take up the business opportunity you can offer these (or a combination of) services to your customers?

  • Home Phone Service
  • Broadband Service
  • Gas and Electricity
  • Mobile Phones and Associated Services
  • Home Insurance

Some companies offer just a selection of these and rarely all.

Please fill in the form below so I can arrange a call back, call me on 07368 886825 or contact me on Facebook.

message me on FAcebook

You will be given all the details and be able to ask any questions you may have on the call. Thank you.

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