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Home Vanity Ltd

Leanne Bourne – Home Vanity Ltd

About Home Vanity Ltd:

Home Vanity Limited Affiliate businessHome Vanity offers a wide range of home and garden decor and furniture. They also have a range of over 6,000 personalised items, all priced to offer quality and value.

They have a great selection of one of a kind items. These products are really quirky and unique and customers love them.

If a customer asks for certain items that are not on the website. they will help source these their list of trusted suppliers, which is a great example of customer service.

Leanne is the owner of Home Vanity and says:

“I wanted to make sure I offer customers a real variety of items and a place they can shop at their convenience, knowing how busy people are.

I decided to open up Home Vanity to affiliates for two reasons, one being that customer service is really important to me and I love online shopping, but not the impersonal side of it.

Our team of affiliates all work hard to give fantastic customer service and work hours over the weekends and evenings and can be on hand to help the customer.

The second reason was; as a mum of four and someone that has always worked long hours in the corporate sector, I understand how hard that can be. I wanted to offer people the opportunity to earn money and work flexibly, either as a full time income or around their current job.

We are looking forward to continuing to grow our team and our customer base, as we continue to keep adding great products to the website each day”.

Product Categories are:

Find out more from Leanne about being an Affiliate with Home Vanity. She will tell you all you need to know to make the best decision.

Please send her a message from the form below. Thank you.

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