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What Is Tapestri And How Do You Make Money?

Welcome to The World of Tapestri

Born out of the idea that “it’s your data, we all should get paid for it”, Tapestri’s founding team, led by founder Walter Harrison, has over a decade of experience monetizing data and truly believes the consumer, not the advertiser or the brand, should be the focal point in the data supply chain. We hope to empower a new ecosystem that provides value and equitably compensates everyday consumers for one of their most valuable assets – their data.

What is The Concept Of Tapestri?

  • Every single day you are giving away data.
  • Every time you run a search.
  • Every time you turn your phone on signals are going from your phone to the WWW.

Tapestri is giving you a way to get paid for the data. They only use your location and they anonymize that. So, why not get paid instead of giving away your data?

Where is your cell phone? Is it in your purse, car, or backpack?

It is giving data away and making money for others!

Wouldn’t you like to make the money your phone is generating? 

This new revolutionary app about to be released.

You pay $10 / £8 once during prelaunch, which is valid until mid August 2021. This covers you for a Year! You don’t need to do anything.

Once done just use your phone as you do normally and you get paid.

After the prelaunch period, the price is $10/ £8 a month. Because you will earn from your data, this is still valuable. To make the best of this opportunity, get in before prelaunch ends! Don’t delay because you could still be lucky and get in for the one time cost for the year!

How Does Tapestri Work?

You know when you search on your phone? The search engines sell your ‘data’ to the highest bidder. This new company will pay you up to $25 a month for monetizing your data.

Here are 2 video overviews. A very short one and a longer one. Be sure to watch them both.

If you don’t have much time just watch the short one for now.

1 Minute Video

13 Minute Video (But Worth the Watch)

You are on this page to review and see if Tapestri is something you want to join.

This is a group page meaning it helps everyone in the team.

Most people will share their links everywhere they can think of with little success so knowing this the link below connects you to one person in the group at random.

Its purpose is to help people grow their business whilst helping everyone in the team.

Everyone shares this page and as people join this amazing company downlines can grow. FAST!

Let me tell you there is NOTHING like this currently for Tapestri affiliates.

Tapestri is giving you 70% of the profit they make back to users. (as referenced in video 2)  This has never been done before.

Everyone is collecting your data and sending it to the highest bidder, maybe it’s time you got paid right?

After you  join your enroller will get an email and they will be in touch with you to guide you further and answer any questions you might have.

Click the link below to join up.

Join Tapestri TODAY

See you soon!

If you wish to be added to the rotator system to help build your downline on autopilot please click here.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee you will make any money, especially if you do not share the page, However, There is no reason why people will not be able to build a team following the simple instructions as above. This, and associated pages are NOT endorsed by Tapestri. This page can help you build if you follow the above steps. Not associated with Facebook or any other social sites. For legal reasons, We need to put this information at the bottom.