BitCoin Investment – Digital Bit Review

Digital Bit ReviewIn this review I want to show that even though investment can be a risk, there is one company I have come across who do everything they say they will do. The company is Digital Bit.

I signed up with them for BitCoin investment a few weeks ago and can say they do deliver.

Digital Bit have been around since 2002 and have 2 main areas of investment available. These are in Real Estate and BitCoin. Real Estate requires a minimum outlay of $10,000, but Bitcoin, is $500 minimum investment.

I will concentrate on what I know, which is BitCoin.

Do Digital Bit Pay Out Regularly

They pay out weekly on a regular basis and the profits are 4% a week. I have seen this personally and it is very regular. The company have great support and they know exactly what they are doing to help anyone interested in BitCoin to make regular profits with weekly payments.

You can also use the compounding option, which means that the profits each week are reinvested and your potential income grows and the profits increase over time.

They have an affiliate program that pays on 5 levels. This means you can earn from personal referrals into the company and also from those introduced by your own referrals down 5 levels. This means you can build a good side business in BitCoin without too much hassle.

People love results and I have to say that Digital Bit seems to meet many people’s needs.

They have hundreds of positive reviews. Here is one of nearly 300 reviews on Google:

Lew Feldman
DigitalBit is a safe, secure website that gives the average investor access to high-quality real estate investments.
DigitalBit blends an intuitive interface with robust content and investment choices,
which results in a very comfortable and profitable experience.

Yes, that is a review on the Real Estate option, but you get the idea on the value of this company.

The investment is for 1 year. The weekly payout or compounding options with BitCoin investment gives you the best choice for you. The more you put in, the more you get out.

These guys know their business and they can be trusted. They have been in business for close to 20 years and are a solid company that have provided well for their clients.

Please take a little time to watch the video below and find out more.


As you can see, the opportunity is there for you to build your income through investing in BitCoin with Digital Bit. I am happy with my own investment. Even though it’s not necessary, if you refer people you can earn more and grow a decent side business to what you already do.

If you are happy to join me in this great opportunity, please click here and I will be in touch soon to help you as much as I can.

More Reviews:

M. Pflueger
What I really like about DigitalBit is the transparency and frequent communication.
Though I am a small-time investor, DigitalBit makes me feel important to them.

Vick S
via BBB
Great company and constant innovation. I have seen other crowd sourcing companies –
DigitalBit is among the top if not the top most. They have a good website and easy to setup investments.
Hopefully they will enable users to withdraw money with same ease as well.

Chris Chang
DigitalBit provides clear and transparent investment feedback on a consistent basis.
Site is easy to use and navigate and investments, distributions and updates
are easily tracked in the investor portal. It is the best crowdfunding
company in terms of investing experience versus the four other companies I use.

Here is the link again.
See you on the inside.